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I am a shy person. I love having some alone time. I’m the type of person that could literally survive being capsuled inside my bedroom all week with nothing but a book, my phone (with WiFi, of course) and food. I am the type of person that comes out of the room only when I am being summoned or when I needed to go to the bathroom but I also have my desires; not desires that contain fame or getting noticed by people. I told you, I’m not like that. But desires meaning I want to show the world too of what my abilities are and wondering if it is capable of achieving things — things that I cannot see myself partake in; being the sole purpose why I have come to a conclusion to my never-ending dilemma of creating a memento or whatever. Hence, this blog.

Being a “blogger”, yes, I’ve always wondered what that is, how it feels to be one and whatnot. However, to become a “blogger” is not the reason behind this token. I created this blog just because I want to show people what I can do and because:

I like to capture bizarre and wonderful scenarios. I have an eye for the tremendous creations that God has given to us which I most definitely like to treasure with all my life and I want to showcast it to the world. I want to show it to you, people of how beautiful life is and how breathtaking it is.

I love to write my thoughts. I write to you even in the most darkest nights where I cannot discern the brighter side. I write even when depression and melancholy are swallowing me. I also write when I am deeply in awe. I write when I am the happiest person alive and that my smile is ear-to-ear and is plastered on my face and I want to share to you what the literary pieces I have composed, well aware of your bitter comments; I am willing to take in all your judgments.

I know for a fact that not many people are going to like this moreso, love this but I am not here to impress you. Just as the cliché goes, “I was not born to impress you.” But keep in mind that that will not stop me from doing whatever I love to do. You will not become a road block to my goals, but instead I will take you on as a lesson, a harbinger to my success (conceited? haha) and a challenge — a challenge which I am willing to take with all my might. So, hardships, haters and loads more adjectives on how to describe hurdles, just like Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother, “challenge accepted.”


Author: devotedlittlellama

I am students focusing on Literature, Journalism, my goals and life.

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